Restored chimney stacks and chimney breasts over the years

15 Start at Pulborough

1. A Tudor chimney stack which is now in great need of restoring

16 Finish at Pulborough

1. The Tudor chimney stack once again structurally sound  to stand tall for many years to come

11 Start at Limpsfield

1.A complete rebuild of the chimney breast and chimney stack is required

12 Finish at Limpsfield

2. The chimney breast and chimney stack once again re instated

october 2011 007

1. A Tudor chimney stack that has sadly been cement rendered

october 2011 011

2. The  cement render and deteriorated brickwork  has been carefully removed

october 2011 021

3. The Tudor chimney stack rightfully back to its original condition

work rest and play 002

1.The Tudor chimney stack in need of restoration

work rest and play 015

2. The Tudor chimney stack back to its former glory