Inglenooks that revealed the most social history

37 Start at Suffolk

1. The start of the inglenook restoration in the Tudor property in Suffolk by carefully removing the modern fireplace

38 2nd stage at Suffolk

2. The true history and potential of this grand inglenook is starting to reveal its self

39 Finish at Suffolk

1. Fully restored the inglenook is back to its high status which is defined by the shape of the original beam and the self supporting brick arch over the seated area

34 Start at Aylesbury

1. The start of the inglenook restoration at Aylesbury in Bucks

35 2nd stage at Aylesbury

2. Now we begin to reveal the history of the  inglenook

36 Finish at Aylesbury

1. The inglenook rightfully back  to its original condition  Which is  quite a high status as noted by the small areas in which they have utilised the structural strength of the beam