Inglenook rebuilds back to their former glory

07 Start at Hook

1 Prior to starting the restoration we have a modernised fireplace which once was a inglenook

08 2nd Stage at Hook

1 Shoring up and removing the modern fireplace

09 3rd Stage at Hook

3.  Rebuilding is underway  after locating the true dimensions of the original inglenook

10 Finish at Hook

3. The inglenook re instated once again

31 Start at Sussex

3.The start of the restoration  a modern fireplace which has been built to replace the original inglenook

32 2nd stage at Sussex

3. After much research of the local area to distinguish  the original construction of the Georgian inglenooks  and locating the true dimensions of the original inglenook the rebuilding can begin

33 Finish at Sussex

3.After many weeks the Georgian inglenook restored back to its original format

47 Start at Ockley

3. The modernised cement rendered Tudor inglenook prior to commencement

45 3rd stage at Ockley

3. The beam is still structurally sound but requires a sympathetic repair and rebuilding can begin

46 2nd stage at Ockley

3. Evidence is found that there was originally stand in areas within the Tudor inglenook

44 Finish in Ockley

3. The restored  Tudor inglenook

24 Start at Kent

3. The modern fireplace with false beams  prior to starting

25 2nd stage at Kent

3. Shoring up and rebuilding of the brickwork and insertion of the structural oak beam

26 3rd stage at Kent

3. The inglenook now structurally sound

27 Finish at Kent

3. The inglenook now rightfully restored back to its original granduer