Different self supporting brick arches over the years

49 Start in Wrecclesham
  1. The modernised fireplace prior to the restoration located wrecclesham
51 Finish in Wrecclesham

2. After the careful removal of the modern fireplace .We discover a single brick arched inglenook

17 Start at Merrow

1. A modernised fireplace hiding the true history of the property prior to the restoration

18 2nd Stage at Merrow

2. After the removal of the modern fireplace we discover the true history of the inglenook and the poor condition it is in now

19 Finish at Merrow

3. The inglenook back to its rightful splendour after many weeks of careful period restoration

53 Start in Chilham
  1. The start of the inglenook restoration in Chilham in Kent
13 Finish at Chilham

1. The self supported brick arched inglenook fully restored after many weeks of carefully dismantling  the modern fireplace and unearthing the true history and rebuilding once again back to its original granduer

54 Start in Farnham

1.The start of the restoration in Farnham Surrey

06 Finish at Farnham
52 Start in Surrey
50 Finish in Surrey

2. The restored inglenook with the original self supported brick arch

2. The  modernised fireplace prior to the restoration

2. The modernised fireplace carefully removed to reveal the true splendour of the original inglenook